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By JetFix, you can reach many companies quickly and easily at the same time.

JetFix is a communication application that brings companies and costumers together quickly and easily.

Anyone who is waiting in the call center for minutes, who wants a return to their complaints at jet speed, who wants to call without looking up company numbers, and who wants to use many services in daily life by a single application is a potential user of JetFix.


Communicating with companies from many sectors such as automotive, banking, transportation and insurance and use the self-service of companies By JetFix mobile application.

- Communicating quickly and easily with customer service.
- Reaching easily the call center, even if the customer service number is unknown.
- Being called by the company at a choosen time.
- Delivering complaints to the company, getting a quick solution and viewing other complaints.
- Seeing special opportunities which companies offer to their customers.


In addition to the privileges JetFix offers to its users, it also has solutions for companies to optimize their customer communication processes. For example, requests, complaints and suggestions from customers can be collected and analyzed via JetFix by providing  integration of JetFlix with digital communication channels such as social media, e-mail and live-chat.

Optimizing the customer communication process according this information and process monitoring with customized reports.

- Managing different communication channels through a single platform by JetFix.
- Balancing distributions of work load of the companies and optimizating processes with performance measures.
- Providing service for maximum number of users and meeting the customer's requests in miminum time 
- Resolving problems of customers and offering self-service with a customer-focused strategy.
- Sending campaigns and opportunities, as well as product and service notifications to customers through JetFix.
- Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

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By JetFix, you can reach many companies quickly and easily at the same time.

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